From the Vikings and Danes to the people of Schleswig and Gottorf, via the Dutch to Emperor William; this tour through Schleswig-Holstein has it all: a major part of the different histories of Schleswig-Holstein. We start with the Vikings of the 8th and 9th century in Haithabu, one of the Vikings most important settlements, and since 2018 UNESCO World Cultural Heritage. Therefore we also visit the Danevirke. This Schleswig-Holstein tour further leads us to Gottorf’s Castle in Schleswig. This castle, formerly surrounded by moats, at the end of the river Schlei, today hosts the Archaeological Museum and despite (or maybe thanks to) its now 800 years, it is still picturesque.

Our way leads us across Hostein to Husum’s castle, the only castle from the 16th century, which is still maintained on Schleswig-Holstein’s westcoast. Today, the renaissance castle serves as a location for different cultural events, such as concerts, theatre plays and exhibitions. I’ll guide you further on to Friedrichstadt where you will immediately notice the close relationship to the Netherlands. Founded in the 17th century by a Duke from Gottorf, this village is today a cultural monument. In the idyllic little town, we are also able to integrate a lunch, if the agenda allows for that.

After that, we follow the former border between Schleswig and Holstein to Rendsburg and its ship welcome centre at the Kiel Canal. The pride of Emperor William was enriched with this centre in 1997, directly next to the floating ferry. At that place we will be able to observe very closely passing ships. Alternatively, we are able to visit the old city of Rendsburg. Also this Canal marks an important point in Schleswig-Holstein’s history. In order to get back to Haithabu or Schleswig we will have some time to “digest” the impressions, to pose and answer questions and to maybe work on the next route we will tour together.

The Schleswig-Holstein tour In the middle of Schleswig, as described above, lasts around 6-7 hours, depending on whether and how long we include breaks (for lunch e.g.). Of course, the tour can be cut or expanded and modified according to your wishes. Just contact me in oder to tell me your wishes. I’m looking forward to creating an individual itinerary for you.


UNESCO World Heritage Hedeby (Haithabu), Castle Gottorf, Castle Husum, Friedrichstadt, Rendsburg Old Town or Ships’ Welcoming Centre

Distance, approximate duration:
6-7 hours

Starting Point:
Hedeby (Haithabu)

End Point:

by bus

This tour can be modified. If you wish, I’ll happily assist you with the booking of a bus. In addition, wey ma integrate lunch and/or a coffe break in the afternoon. I’ll be happy about your ideas.



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