Walking tour through Hamburg’s Jewish history, Grindelviertel and Pöseldorf

During this guided tour through Hamburg’s district called Rotherbaum we will recall past Jewish life in Hamburg and visit a number of places where important Jewish personalities lived or worked. Starting at the Curio-Haus, in which after World War II the trials against SS officials took place, we cross the site of Hamburg’s University into the quarter called Grindel, where, still today, some Jews are living. Passing the little theatre Kammerspiele and a lot of Stolpersteine, in the second half of our tour we discover the quarter called Pöseldorf, including the Budge-Palais, currently the College for Music and Theatre. Right next to it, the Villa Beit is also worth a closer look.

We stroll along the Outer Alster Lake and enjoy the view over the water. As a qualified tourist guide in Hamburg, I will not only show you the obvious sights but also those little things which are otherwise hidden from the sight. Or have you ever taken a closer look at the wall painting on the University campus? Do you know, where Hamburg’s first Stolperstein was laid – and for whom? Join me and discover Hamburg! I am looking forward to guiding you! All of my tours are, of course, flexible and can be modified individually. Please, feel free to contact me.


Tour Details

Curio-Haus, Joseph-Carlebach-Platz, Kammerspiele Hamburg, Budge-Palais

Distance, approx. duration:
ca. 2,5 Km, ca. 2 hours

Curio-Haus, Rothenbaumchaussee 13, 20148 Hamburg

Budgepalais, Harvestehuder Weg 12, 20148 Hamburg

on foot

Of course, the tour can be modified according to your wishes (shorter or longer). It is also possible to include a lunch or coffee break. I’m happy to assist you in any case.




Rothenbaumchaussee 13, Hamburg


53.5652345821, 9.98866238044







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