The St. Pauli Landungsbrücken (landing stages) are a fantastic meeting point for a Hamburg tour in the evening full of information and fun. We will start with a drink in one of the bars close to the river Elbe. While you are thus starting into your relaxed evening, I will give you some information about our harbour, the landing stages, the Old Elbe Tunnel and the world of musicals in Hamburg. Of course, I will also answer questions relating to our warehouse district, the Speicherstadt and our new quarter, the HafenCity! After this short get-together, our Hamburg tour will then get going through the street St. Pauli Hafenstraße up to the Davidstraße. I will talk to you about the occupation of the houses of the Hafenstraße and about the prestigious Bernhard-Nocht-Tropeninstitut for tropical diseases. This city tour covers different topics and facets of Hamburg. Passing by old, traditional pubs, we will stroll through the Davidstraße in the direction of the Reeperbahn. Now, the crunch has come: I will tell you about the Herbertstraße, about prostitution and procuring. A bit of everything. Why did the red light district evolve exactly here and who the … was Herbert? I will answer these and, of course, further questions on this tour through Hamburg’s red ligt district St. Pauli.

Hamburg’s smallest police department is located at the intersection of the Davidstraße and the Reeperbahn. It is commonly called „Davidwache“ and famous by television and radio. It also plays an important historic role in the development of the Reeperbahn. The „Kiez“, as the inhabitants of Hamburg call it, turns into a huge field of neon signs: sex shops, table dance bars, sex cinemas, travesty shows; Something for all sorts of individualities. But also for guests who do not intend to enter such an establishment, St. Pauli has a lot to offer: Numerous theatres and an operetta house on Spielbudenplatz, bars and restaurants invite visitors to dwell there for some time. In order to strengthen ourselves for the later evening, we will have dinner in a restaurant or bar, which I have booked according to your ideas.

After dinner our Hamburg tour continues over the Reeperbahn past Hans Albers Square. I will report about Hans and the Danish King Christian who was in control of „Altona“ until it became German. Having posed and taken pictures with the Beatles figures on Beatles Square, we will dive into the street Große Freiheit (Great Freedom) – where the name must be taken litterally. Yes, you can experience nearly anything here: the former Star Club, where the Beatles got famous, Olivia Jones and the concert location Große Freiheit 36. But have you ever noticed the church? St. Joseph’s forms a tough and consistent haven amount all the glitter, sex and alcohol. Also this Catholic church is a sign of the great freedom which put down roots here.

In the street Simon-von-Utrecht-Straße you will get to know the Grünspan, one of the oldest event locations of St. Pauli, and the former Israelite Hospital, which today hosts the St. Pauli citizens‘ centre. From there we continue our Hamburg tour to smell some „mountain air“ at the Hamburger Berg. With the help of one left-over building, I will explain to you the architecture of the old Hamburg living houses. Take it for granted that we will find some bars to stop off at. Finally, we will try two Hamburg originals, before our tour comes to an end: the pub Zur Ritze and a caraway schnapps Helbings Kümmel. What is it, that makes this pub so special? It’s not only the legs at the entrance doors but also the boxing cellar with all its legends. You do not know it yet? Then it is time to book a Hamburg tour – A relaxed evening with me. I will modify the mentioned relaxed evening tour according to your wishes.

In brief

Landungsbrücken, Davidwache, Reeperbahn, Spielbudenplatz, Beatles-Square, Große Freiheit, St. Joseph’s, Hamburger Berg, Pub Zur „Ritze“

Distance, approximate duration:
ca. 2,5 Km, ca. 1-2 Stunden


Zur Ritze

on foot

Stops for dinner and drinks can be included. This will extend the tour, of course. I am looking forward to your wishes and ideas.



Hamburg Landungsbrücken


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