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City trips Hamburg with Sarah Janning-Picker

Visitor guide Sarah Janning-Picker, tour guide Sarah Janning-Picker or, if you like, city guide Sarah Janning-Picker. All these expressions mean to me to be an ambassador for my home Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein. I will guide you, your guests and friends through the most beautiful cities of Northern Germany, for example Hamburg, Lübeck and Glückstadt. I would also happily guide your tour through several fascinating towns and picturesque landscapes like Kiel, Flensburg, Plön, Eutin, Friedrichstadt, North Friesland and Holstein’s Switzerland.

Hamburg tourist guide Sarah Janning-Picker

Tourist Guide – exactly – that’s another expression for my profession. Not only by my international guests, whom I offer tours in English, French and Spanish, no, also in the German language the usage of the term tourist guide is more and more accepted. I am called tour guide when I accompany a group on a tour of several days – e. g. through Germany, Schleswig-Holstein or Scandinavia.

Loads of fun coupled with a lot of information

I am a very active and open-minded personality and enjoy passing on my knowledge about my home Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein. I love to individually prepare and guide your personal tour through Hamburg or Schleswig-Holstein as a kind of hostess. City tours with me are original and mostly supported by multimedia. As a matter of fact, I maintain a continuous high level of knowledge and know-how through constant training, in order for you to have loads of fun on (y)our Hamburg or Schleswig-Holstein tour.

Cultural Experience and Sensibility

Because of my own joy of travelling I have already been allowed to get to know many different cultures and I also know what it feels like to be a traveler on a guided tour. Therefore, I treat my guests as I myself would like to be treated. You may expect from me: helpfulness, punctuality as well as flexibility with regard to time and place.

Special fields: Individual tours through distinct city quarters, environmentally friendly city tours and church tours

My special fields in Hamburg are church tours, environmentally friendly tours (that means by public transport or bike) and individual tours through special quarters. You live in Hamburg and think you know your city? Then please have a look around my website and try to guess where I took my pictures. Should you need advice, I am at your disposal for a city tour in Hamburg or other Northern German towns. City tours in Hamburg and day trips through Schleswig-Holstein with Sarah Janning-Picker are always geared to your requests. I will also be at your disposal for the topics of modern architecture in the HafenCity quarter, the historic architecture in the Speicherstadt warehouse district or Blankenese quarter or if you would like to get to know more about a topic like emigration.

President of Hamburg Guides e. V.

As the president of Hamburg Guides e.V.  – the Hamburg Guides Association – I am among other things responsible for further education and training of my colleagues as well as for the communication with politics and other tourism responsibles. On top of that, the club aims at extending the network of cooperation partners in order to offer you, our guests, even more individuality and advantages.

Supporting programme for business meetings

Do you have business partners who would like to finish off an exhausting day full of negotiations with a relaxing evening, or a group of friends with whom you would like to spend a fun evening? Do not hesitate to contact me! I am sure to offer you an appropriate tour! You also need a means of transportation for your tour? No problem. It’s my pleasure to arrange for a contact to my trusted transport companies.

Sworn interpreter and legally authorized translator for German, English and Spanish, French in addition

And if you need multilingual personnel not only for a tour, I am also at your sode as interpreter and/or translator for English, French and Spanish at trade fairs, conferences, business meetings, negotiations and other missions. I am capable to interpret orally in personal meetings and also have the ability to translate in writing. On top of that, being a sworn interpreter and legally authorized translator for English and Spanish enables me to translate all your documents as certified translations and to be at your side at court.

Special fields: tourism, marketing, economy and law

My specialties in the field of interpreting and translating are tourism, marketing, economy and law. In this area I have already successfully carried out orders for well-known clients like Henkel Schwarzkopf, Lufthansa Systems and the Technical University of Darmstadt. On top of that I have gained experience in areas like agriculture (AgriCarb), pharmaceutics (WEPA) and fruit trade (Chiquita). Preparations for the different interpretation and translation orders are intensive and on a high level. In principle, I have all my written translations into a foreign language proofread by a native speaker.

Language courses in (business) English, French and Spanish

In order to pass on my knowledge of and passion for foreign languages I also give courses for employees or colleagues in their desired special field. I personally worked in the import and export sector and acquired the corresponding knowledge for marketing, economy and tourism during my master studies. My further education as an interpreter and translator for courts and authorities equips me for the area of law. Consequently, I am able to give courses relating to the mentioned fields in all three languages. Of course, I will organise your language courses in English, French or Spanish according to your wishes.

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  •  Autodidactic learning, currently on level B1


  • Currently distance learning to achieve level C1