Through Hamburg in 60 minutes

Wow, what a tight schedule in this Hamburg Tour on 9th May 2015! Two days before the tour: „Sarah, the ship is eight hours late!“, one day before the tour: „Sarah, the ship is four hours late!“, two hours before the, meeting: „Sarah, the bus is 30 minutes late“, at the meeting: „Sarah, the bus is 60 minutes late“, after 45 minutes: „Why is there a bus already?“ – „Oh, that’s mine!“ … Perfect, ancious about your mood I enter your bus. And against all expectations, met you in a good mood. So, let’s quickly start our tour which was already supposed to be difficult because of the traffic situation. There was the huge Hamburg Harbour Anniversary with many closed roads. The tour I had thought of before wouldn’t be possible anymore, as we didn’t have enough time left – oh, an due to traffic jam on the autobahn and the late disembarcation in Kiel, the driver needs an hour break as well. Well, we then started directly down to the river Elbe. How many beautiful houses and buildings! This part of Hamburg has not been bombed during the Second World War. Then, we reach Hamburg Harbour, the second biggest of Europe – after Rotterdam. Because of the festivisties for the Ports Anniversay, the Landing Brigdes are closed and declared pedestrian zone.
Hamburg HafenCity Unilever und Marco Polo TowerThat is why we go up, past St. Trinitatis church of Altona, to the Reeperbahn, a street where ropes for ships were made, with reep meaning rope. We discover the Beatles Square and numerous erotic stores but also theatres and restaurants. From the „sinful mile“ we continue to Hamburg’s landmark, the St. Michel’s church, passing by a huge bunker dating back to 1940 and the Anglican Church. We are able to do a short restroom break and have a glimpse into Northern Germany’s biggest baroque church. Our tour „Hamburg Highlighs“ leads on to the Rödingsmarkt junction from where we can see St. Nicolas‘ church, nowadays an anti-war monument and the oldest underground viaduct of Hamburg. Over the High Bridge we reach the Nicola Canal, the former port and go on into the Speicherstadt, the warehouse district of Hamburg. This impressive complex was built at the end of the 19th century in order to raise a duty-free zone in Hamburg. It is built on uncountable oak piles. The warehouses are nowadays used as museums and offices. The most modern part of Hamburg, directly behind the Speicherstadt, is the HafenCity. It presents a huge contrast to the red brick buildings on the other side and is definitely worth a visit. We have a look on the cruise terminal with two ships and then head into the city centre where Ali, our driver, is able to get a parking space.

Hamburg Altstadt Binnenalster vom Ballindamm
At last, we shortly glimpse on the neo-renaissance City Hall and stroll to the Little and Interior Alster, from where we can see the Exterior Alster and many swans. Finally, you have 60 minutes to inhale Hamburg’s fantastic atmosphere and then go back to Kiel. It was a short but intense time with you and I hope to meet some more English speaking groups! If you liked the tour, I would be happy, if you left a comment.