On Friday, 17th July 2015, I started my tour with three individual tourists from Brazil and the USA to the former concentration camp in Neuengamme. “We read, heard and learned so much about this topic but we were never able to imagine what a camp looked like.” That was the reason why my guests had left their group and with it the shopping and soft Hamburg tour experience. Crowded streets and numerous road construction sites made us loose precious time so that we only had one hour at the memorial site. Still, we were able to gain a lot of knowledge as I had organised a colleague whose second home is Neuengamme. He guided us not only through the exhibition room but also along the “gas chamber”, the SS garages and the brick works. During the war, the inmates had to produce bricks and weapons under inhumane conditions. This memorial plays an important role against forgetting and I can highly recommend a visit! You never finish learning! Thank you very much, Christopher, our guide on site and also for you, my dear guests, that you showed so much interest. Please come back and then we might integrate a “normal” city tour.