Learning new things in Lübeck

I’ve just returned from a training in Lübeck, including the Hanse Museum, which our club Hamburg Guides had organised with 30 old and future tourist guides eager to learn new things. As a qualified tourist guide I do not offer city tours only in Hamburg but also in North Germany, for example in Lübeck. After having been informed about Schleswig-Holstein’s history and development during the journey from Hamburg to Lübeck, we could discover Lübeck on a short bus tour within the city. Afterwards the newly opened European Hanse Museum convinced us with its huge amount of interactive tools for all of its technology loving guests.

For lunch we Hamburg Guides met in the famous restaurant „Schiffergesellschaft“ dated from 1535 with its impressive interior and gathered new strenght for the walking tour in Lübeck. In that unique atmosphere I had the chance to converse with new and old colleagues, tourist guides in Hamburg and its surrounding. The Hamburg Guides will document this training in order to use the material for further education of new tourist guides in Hamburg. Heilig-Geist-Hospital (Hospital of the Holy Spirit), Jacobikirche (St. Jacob’s Church), Willy-Brandt-Haus (Museum of Willy Brandt), Innenhöfe (inner courtyards), Weltkulturerbe (World Cultural Heritage), Katharinenkirche (St. Catherine’s Church), Marienkirche (St. Mary’s Church), Buddenbrooks, Rathaus (Town Hall); This tour through Lübeck was pure sightseeing in the metropolis of the former Hanseatic League.

After a short glimpse into the „Marzipanwelt“ (World of Marzipan) we had to go back to Hamburg and during that journey, we tourist guides discussed all the recently learned stuff. That expedition through Lübeck also helps us understand a part of Hamburg’s history as the „Hanse“ is an important topic in North Germany. We hope that our trainings will be used this successfully also in the future so that Hamburg Guides will be able to continue the further education of tourist guides. Lübeck – next to Hamburg – is worth a visit! Feel free to book a city tour in Lübeck with me or a whole round trip through Schleswig-Holstein!