Global Economy Prize 2022

The award ceremony of the #GlobalEconomyPrize2022 of the Kiel Institut für Weltwirtschaft #KielInstituteForTheWorldEconomy in the IHK zu Kiel #KielChamberOfIndustryAndCommerce was simultaneously interpreted by my colleague Yvonne Mejcher and myself Sarah Janning-Picker. It was an honour to listen and enable others to listen to the words of Dr. Dalia Grybauskaité, Ufuk Akcigit and Hans-Julius Ahlmann.

#InterpretingSimultaneously is not an easy task – #Interpreters are experts in concentration, self-organisation and team work but they cannot be experts in politics, economy, water drainage systems, marketing, logistics, microeconomics, sports etc. at the same time. So, for a smooth #SimultaneousInterpretation of a variety of speeches also interpreters would like to look up some words in advance. If you can, give your #interpreter the speech or at least a concept of what will be said in due time before the date. Speaking somewhat slower than usual is also a great help. Sometimes, #interpreting is taken for granted but it requires a huge amount of #practice#preparation and #concentration.

Thanks to the technicians who made the livestream and interpretation possible!