WFTGA Convention 2024 with HamburgGuideSarah

Highlights and announcements from the 20th WFTGA Convention in 2024:

  1. Hosts for the 21st WFTGA Convention in 2026 were announced: The host will be the WFTGA Member association K-iTG, Fukuoka, Japan. This announcement was made during the Gala Dinner.
  2. The 2024 General Assembly was attended by WFTGA Full Member Delegates both in person and virtually.
  3. Welcome Ceremony: This event, held on Sunday, January 21st, featured welcomes by various officials including Francesco Italia, Mayor of Siracusa, and Fabio Granata, Municipality of Siracusa, among others. WFTGA President Alushca Ritchie and hosts ANGT President Anna Bigai and AGTS President Carlo Castello also spoke and welcomed participants.
  4. Gala Dinner: Outgoing WFTGA President Alushca Ritchie (2017 – 2024) handed over the work to incoming President Sebastian Frankenberger (2024 – 2026).
  5. Pre and Post tour were extremely sought after and tourist guides from around the world were able to get a taste of Sicily.